Lake Erie Fishing Charter

DEPUTEYES- Captain Steve Morlan

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About Captain Steve- I have been a native of Ohio for 46 years. Since before I was legal to drive my father and his friend were taking me on fishing and hunting trips. My first trip to Lake Erie was when I was 10 years old and my father and his cousin took me Walleye fishing on the Western Basin. After I caught my first Walleye I was hooked. I have been fishing the Western and Central Basins ever since. At age 18 I entered the United States Marine Corp and did a 4 year tour of duty. As soon as I was discharged I moved back home and took up where I left off Walleye fishing. After retuning from the Marines I went to the Police Academy. I have worked as a police officer since the age of 22. I currently work for the Mahoning County Sheriffs Office.  When we go out and fish Walleye I, as your Captain, like to showcase my skill in finding and hooking the fish. I also like to educate others on the tactics involved in catching fish. I get a lot of satisfaction when we go out and everybody gets to reel in some fish, especially the younger generations. I, as a father of a young son, feel that our youth is guided by what we teach them as they grow. When I am with my son on a fishing, hunting trip or just a general walk in the woods, that's the quality time I use to teach him what my father and grandfathers taught me.