10- We at DEPUTEYES support the USCG zero tolerance policy when it comes to drug use and abuse


Lake Erie Fishing Charter

9- DO NOT bring any glass bottles. The last thing we want is someone to get hurt on their fishing trip.

8- DO NOT bring any type of illegal drugs. Any violation will result in termination of the trip and the local authorities and Coast Guard being notified.

7- Camera or video recording device

6- Soft soled shoes

5- Sunglasses and sunscreen

4- A cooler to take your fish home in. If you have your fish cleaned on scene you can use a mid size cooler. If you are taking 30 Walleye home to clean yourself you will need a large cooler. (150 quart)

3- Any type of sea sickness medication that you might need. There are several on the market but I would choose something that will not make you sleepy.

2- Your lunch and drinks. Alcohol is permitted on the boat. Beer is ok but hard liquor is prohibited. We want everybody to enjoy themselves but I will not tolerate any actions that would put the boat or crew in jeopardy.

1- Your Ohio Fishing License

DEPUTEYES Charters checklist